The CDA is a three-year program, grades 10 through 12, made up of two pathways (Drafting/Architecture/Engineering, and Construction).  Through diversified curriculum and partnerships with educational and industrial institutions, students are prepared to continue their education after high school or enter the workforce with the essential skills industries are looking for. Arvin High School’s CDA facilities recently went through an extensive modernization featuring state-of-the-art equipment including CNC machinery and advanced software


Students will learn theories, principles, and standards related to environmental horticulture sciences. Curriculum will focus on sustainable organic farming and composting science. Course of study will incorporate biological standards as it applies to environmental plant and soil science.  Students will use investigative techniques to study aspects of the botanical world including plant anatomy and physiology, plant nutrition, plant genetics, plant reproduction and development, plant ecology, plant evolution, and plant taxonomy.
The Arvin High School Health Careers Academy is all about preparing students for a successful future.  Whether academy students choose to enter the workforce directly from high school, receive further vocational training, or attend a four-year university, our focus is on giving them the necessary tools to succeed.  We focus on professionalism, hard work, discipline, and dedication.  The health career field is as “in-demand” as it is demanding, and our program exposes students to the myriad of opportunities that await them in this field.