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Arvin High Counseling Department


Ms. Martha Schimon-Millan
9th Grade Counselor
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Mr. Oscar Guevara
10th Grade Counselor 
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Ms. Jareth Regpala
11th Grade Counselor
Mrs. Maria Arellano
12th Grade Counselor
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Ms. Tiffany Hammond
12th Grade Retention Counselor
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Mrs. Alison Hord, Head Counselor
EHA, CDA, HCA Academies Counselor
Mr. Gerardo Guzman
Early College/BC Dual Enrollment Counselor
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Mrs. Iris Zuniga
Intervention Counselor
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Ms. Susana Carrillo
Counseling/College/Career Tech
Ms. Michelle Ulloa
Counseling Secretary
Mr. Miguel Rivera
Program Specialist for Special Education
Intervention and Student Supports Staff name and email  Extension
Student Support/School Social Worker Marisol Rios Email 70039
Student Support/Intervention Specialist Oscar Vasquez Email 70077
Student Services Specialist/After School Program  Ramiro Martinez Email 70079
Student Services Specialist/After School Program   Rosemary Manriquez Email  70055
Student Services Specialist/After School Program Adriana Komin Email 70078
Student Services Specialist/After School Program Emanuel Pantoja Email 70062
Behavioral Specialist  Corine McDulley,Email 70040
School Psychologist  Jeff Arias, Email 70083
Substance Abuse Specialist Yvette Waterworth  70203
Who We Are

The Arvin High School Counseling Department’s purpose is to empower all students to lead satisfying and productive lives by assisting them in identifying and achieving educational, career, personal and social goals. AHS Counselors help students develop and successfully complete an educational plan that meets graduation requirements and fits students’ personal needs, interests, abilities and career aspirations.  We believe the personal/social aspects of the student are just as important as academics and that the two cannot be totally separated.  We strive to assist all students with coping/resiliency mechanisms as well as the skills that will enable them to better focus in the classroom.  We recognize that students who experience success in their learning environment, both academically and socially, become well equipped for life after high school. 

What We Do

  • Individual counseling and guidance
  • Small group counseling
  • Classroom guidance
  •  Consultation with teachers and parents
  • Crisis Intervention
  • College advising and recommendations
  • Evaluating transcripts
  • 4-Year academic planning; schedule planning and adjustments
  • New student registrations
  • Communication with parents