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Arvin High Counseling Department


ANNOUNCEMENTS and Important Dates
9th thru 12th Grade (All students) -
  • CSF Application Window is from September 2nd to September 27th. - All students must apply every semester to qualify for graduating with Honors! Pick up applications in the counseling office. (This is for 10th, 11th, 12th grade students - 9th grade will apply in February for fall associate membership). 
  • September 9th - Kern County College Night, Rabobank Arena - Representatives from colleges will give information, free event. All students thinking about or planning to attend a four year university/college are encouraged to attend.
  • September 27th - Last Day to submit CSF Applications. 
  • October 11th - End of First Quarter, Homecoming Night
  • October 28th to November 1st: College Awareness Week
  • November 1st - AHS On Campus College Fair
Class of 2022 (10th grade) -
Your counselors will be visiting your classes on Sept. 18th & 19th.  Counselors will share with you important information regarding your four year plan and progress for your DIPLOMA and more!
Class of 2021 (11th Grade) -
  • Sign up for text messages/phone notifications to communicate with your counselor and receive important information. Information will be shared during Counselor class visits.
  • Your counselors will be visiting your classes starting Sept. 11TH to 12th. Graduation status information and more will be given.
  • APEX After school credit recovery classes have started. See your counselor if interested.
10th and 11th grade students -
  • PSAT is on October 16th - This test is for all students that plan to attend a four year university/college - Practice for your SAT and get valuable information. Deadline to sign up is soon. See the bulletin.
  • Behind in credits? Meet with your counselor to discuss and create a plan to get you back on track to graduate with your class. 
Class of 2020 Seniors: Upcoming important dates 
  • August 1st – UC Applications Opens
  • September 2nd - CSF Application Window Opens
  • September 23th- 24st: After School Common Application Workshops - Application assistance for seniors applying to private universities and colleges.
  • September 25th- CSS Profile Workshop
  • September 26th - ASVAB 11th/12th grade students - Career Interest test that guides potential careers and training
  • September 28th- Personal Statement Workshop - For all seniors that need assistance for UC, Scholarships, etc
  • October 2nd- 3rd – CSU & EOP Application Workshops assistance to apply to CSU (during elective classes) 
  • October 8th and 9th: FSA ID and FAFSA Prep Classroom Visits - Counselors visit seniors to prep for FAFSA!
  • October 15th to October 16th: FAFSA Application workshops - All seniors will start and/or submit FAFSA/Dream Act application in English classes
  • October 17th: AHS Cash for College Night: FAFSA/Dream Application Assistance for those students that still need help 3pm to 6:00 pm 
  • October 24th: Parent Financial Aid/FAFSA Info Night- 6 pm location TBA
  • November 6th-7th: UC Application Workshops in elective classes– in class workshop for eligible UC A-G seniors applying to UCs.
  • November 19th-20th: BC Application Workshops. 
  • November 30th- Deadline for all CSU/UC application Submissions

Who We Are

The Arvin High School Counseling Department’s purpose is to empower all students to lead satisfying and productive lives by assisting them in identifying and achieving educational, career, personal and social goals. AHS Counselors help students develop and successfully complete an educational plan that meets graduation requirements and fits students’ personal needs, interests, abilities and career aspirations.  We believe the personal/social aspects of the student are just as important as academics and that the two cannot be totally separated.  We strive to assist all students with coping/resiliency mechanisms as well as the skills that will enable them to better focus in the classroom.  We recognize that students who experience success in their learning environment, both academically and socially, become well equipped for life after high school. 

What We Do

  • Individual counseling and guidance
  • Small group counseling
  • Classroom guidance
  •  Consultation with teachers and parents
  • Crisis Intervention
  • College advising and recommendations
  • Evaluating transcripts
  • 4-Year academic planning; schedule planning and adjustments
  • New student registrations
  • Communication with parents