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What is Bear PRIDE?
Bear PRIDE is a strategic focus on creating better relationships with students by teaching and acknowledging expected behaviors in order to create better educational, relational, and performance outcomes. Bear PRIDE is not a program, rather it is a systems approach for promoting the social culture and individualized behavior supports needed for AHS to achieve both social and academic success for ALL students.

Parent and Community Involvement

Every year, we expand our PRIDE Program to inspire staff and students and improve our school culture and identity. We make decisions and implement projects/events by gathering information from all components of our community. We include student voice through our Student PRIDE Team, other student groups, and surveys; we include staff voice through our PRIDE Team meetings and surveys; and we include our parent and community voice through our PRIDE Team meetings, Parent University, and surveys.


However, we know we need to hear more from our parents and community. Please consider joining us at our meetings or through Parent University (hopefully starting again soon) and complete the surveys when asked. For more information, please contact Ms. Stevens via phone 661-854-5561 or email [email protected]


PRIDE Team Meetings

Meetings are scheduled every other week. Parents, students, and community members are welcome. If interested in attending, please contact Jennifer Stevens by email [email protected] for information.

AHS PRIDE RecognitionCalifornia PBIS Coalition Platinum Medal 2021-2022

Because of the effort by AHS students, staff, parents, and community members, the California PBIS Coalition recognized AHS’s Bear PRIDE system for successful PBIS implementation at the Platinum level in Spring 2022. AHS is a recipient within the California PBIS Coalition’s System of Recognition, reflecting excellence in the measurement of fidelity as well as our efforts in implementing the core features of Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports.