About Us

Arvin High School was established in 1949, and serves approximately 2,384


students in grades nine through twelve. Arvin High School serves the rural

communities of Arvin, Lamont and Weedpatch. Agriculture and agriculture-related

industries comprise the majority of employment opportunities for the adults in our

area. Arvin High School is one of eighteen comprehensive, four-year high schools in

the Kern High School District.


While the poverty and mobility rates of the students in our area are high, our focus

remains on increasing student academic achievement and schoolwide improvement.

Over the past six years standardized test scores and academic performance have

continued to increase as have the number of students meeting college entrance

requirements and taking college entrance exams. On average, nearly 56% of the

seniors enroll at a community college, state university, or University of California

upon graduation. At least 12% of these students enroll at a state university, a rate

well over the district, county and state averages. Others attend the University of

California system or a community college. (These figures do not include students

who matriculated at private institutions of higher learning or continue their studies

out of state). While these percentages may not be impressive compared to other

states or regions, this rate is higher than both the local county and state averages.

The mission of Arvin High School is for all students to graduate prepared for college

and/or a career. Student achievement will be measured by ongoing assessments.

The Arvin High School community will work together to ensure the success of all



To this end, the ESLR’s supplement the overall mission of AHS in that staff are

committed to helping students graduate prepared for college and/or a career by

providing instructionally rich activities to support each of the four ESLR’s.


Our Vision:

Arvin High School – where students are empowered to become passionate and active

citizens who truly value education and staff is continually designing programs and

learning experiences that promote high expectations for academic achievement and

develop the personal and social growth of every student.