Arvin High School

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Athletic Staff and Information


Athletics Staff
 Athletic Director - Edgar Mares -[email protected]
 ext . 70037
Activities Director - Laura Liera - [email protected]
ext. 70611
Athletic/Activities Sec. - Maria Pacheco -  [email protected]
ext. 70037
Finance - Rosa Elena Espinoza -  [email protected]
         ext. 70018
Athletic Trainer -  
ext. 70321
Phone Number 661.854-5561
Fax Number 661.854.3855

Fall Coaches

Cheer – Melanie Rubin - Melanie_[email protected]

Cross Country- Monica Herrera- [email protected]

Cross Country- Carl Hatley- [email protected]

Golf – Jennifer Lopez - [email protected]

Football Var. - Robert Riley - [email protected]

Football JV. - Mike Karr -[email protected]

Tennis Var. – Steven Hilts - [email protected]

Tennis JV. – Jose Avila- [email protected]

Volleyball Var. – Brandi Randel -[email protected]

Volleyball JV. – Marissa Ruiz - Marissa[email protected]

Volleyball FS. - Esther Vega - [email protected]



Winter Coaches

Basketball Boys Var.-Peter Pang-  [email protected]

Basketball Boys JV.-Cesar Parra- [email protected]

Basketball Boys FS.-Roberto Gonzalez- [email protected]

Basketball Girls Var.-Mario Pena- [email protected]

Basketball Girls JV.-Alejandro Tapia-[email protected]

Basketball Girls FS.-Humberto Santos-[email protected]

Soccer Boys Var.-Marco Gandara- [email protected]

Soccer Boys JV-Alejandro Uribe- [email protected]

Soccer Girls Var- Luis Tello- [email protected]

Soccer Girls JV.- Magda Tello- [email protected]

Soccer Girls FS.- Marcelo Rodriguez- [email protected]

Wrestling Girls Var.-Jennifer Lopez-[email protected]

Wrestling Boys Var-JJ Ugues- [email protected]




Spring Coaches

Baseball Var.-Eddie Lopez-  [email protected]

Baseball JV.-Mike Karr- [email protected]

Baseball FS.- 

Golf Boys-Chris Carlos-[email protected]

Softball Var.- Maggie Lodevico- [email protected]

Softball JV. -Victoria Rivera- [email protected]

Softball FS. -Jackie Espinoza- [email protected]

Tennis Var. -Jose Avila- [email protected]

Tennis JV. - Humberto Santos- [email protected]

Track Var.Boys - Carl Hatley- [email protected]

Track Var. Girls - Siena Benavides- [email protected]