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The application for the 2024 Spring semester is currently closed and will open at the end of August. 

The California Scholarship Federation, Inc. is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to recognize and encourage academic achievement and community service among middle and high school students in California. There are approximately 1500 chapters in middle school and high schools throughout the state, and each chapter is comprised of student members who meet eligibility requirements. Each chapter is led by a staff advisor.

Eligible students become members by submitting applications based on their report card grades. Membership is for one semester, and membership drives are held each semester within established periods dictated by the State bylaws.
Information taken from the CSF website.

Students apply each semester to accumulate membership over multiple semesters. Students who earn 4 or more qualifying semesters from sophomore to senior year are eligible for the CSF Lifetime membership honor.
State Award
Students will receive a CSF certificate, a CSF pin, a gold tassel, a gold stole, and a gold seal on their transcript.   CertificateCSF pinGold tassel Gold CSF stoleTranscript seal
AHS Award
Students will receive the 4-5 semester awards and a silver medal. Silver medal
AHS Award
Students will receive the 4 - 5 semester awards and a gold medal. Gold medal
Students earn membership in CSF if they apply and have earned 10 CSF points. Points are earned on grades from the previous semester according to the following scale.
A = 3 CSF points*
B = 1 CSF point*
C = 0 CSF points
D or F in any course, even if not counted for CSF, disqualifies the student from membership
*1 extra point for an A or a B in an AP, IB, or Honors-designated course, not to exceed 2 such points per semester.
Earning CSF points:
  • 4 of the 10 points must come from List I courses.
  • 7 of the 10 points (including the four List I points) must come from List I and II courses. Of course, all seven points may come from List I.
  • The last 3 points may come from any list.
  • Only 5 courses (or 25 credits) may be used to earn the 10 points.
You can get a copy of your the approved 2023-2024 CLASS LIST HERE.

Here are some important notes about being eligible for the awards.

  • 9th grade year does not count for the 4 semester awards; it only counts for the 6-8 semester awards.
  • To earn the 4 semester award, students must have one semester membership from senior year.
  • Summer school courses never count.
  • Retroactive membership is not allowed.
  • All applications are online and available at the beginning of the new semester.
  • Be sure to check and verify your transcript after the being notified of your eligibility. 
  • Dues are collected after your eligibility has been verified to help pay the cost of your awards.

Current fees are $8 per semester.

23-24 AHS CSF Course List