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Arvin High Manufacturing Program



Manufacturing Career Pathway


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  • Students will develop skills in welding, machining, bench and sheet metal trades.


  • Students will learn how to read and make blue prints as well as develop design skills.


  • Parts of this course will be centered around skills on the computer; other portions will be in the classroom and shop.



Manufacturing 1

This introductory course is designed to familiarize students with the manufacturing technology relevant to metals and plastics.  It is intended to be a two-semester course with no prerequisites. The course offers the student an understanding of the theories involved and practical experience through project construction in each unit area of the manufacturing occupational fields.


Manufacturing 2 is an advanced course in manufacturing technology.  It is a year long course and must be completed in the same school year (no enrolment at second semester) with the prerequisite being Manufacturing 1.  The course offers the student practical experience in welding, industrial forming and machine tool operations.  This course prepares the student for entry level positions, and future vocational training while giving the college bound engineering student great hands on skills.


7052 Manufacturing 3: the capstone on the manufacturing series of courses designed to complete the manufacturing students’ preparation in Machining, Welding and Metal Forming.  A student completing this course should be prepared for entry level occupational careers and further study in the area of metals manufacturing and / or related vocational training.  This course will prepare the student to take the National Institute for Metalworking Skills, Inc. Level I testing for certification in Machining and Metal forming. Students will also be preparing for skills testing in welding, as established by the American Society of Welders.  This course will help support the growing demand for skilled manufacturing workers in Kern County as described by the Kern Manufacturing Association in Kern County and Kern Employment Development and neighboring San Bernardino and Los Angeles Counties.


Students Completing the Manufacturing Career Pathway with a grade of “B” or better will earn Bakersfield College credit.  Arvin High, Bakersfield College and Cal Ploy San Luis Obispo have an articulation agreement to develop future Manufacturing Engineers.