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A-G requirements

A-G Requirements for CSU and UC Admission and AHS A-G Course List
To attend a UC school, students must complete 15 A-G college-preparatory courses with at least 11 courses finished by the end of your junior year. At a minimum, you must take:
A. History/Social Science:  2 years required
AHS Courses: World History CP, US History CP, US History AP, Government CP, Economics CP, Government Honors, Economics Honors
B.  English:  4 years required
AHS Courses:  ELD 4P, English 9 CP, English 10 CP, English 11 CP, English 12 CP, English AP Language, English 12 Honors
C.  Mathematics3 years required, 4 years recommended
AHS Courses: Algebra CP, Geometry CP, Advanced Algebra CP, Math Analysis Honors, AP Calculus, Statistics CP, AP Statistics 
D.  Laboratory Science: 2 years required, 3 years recommended
AHS Courses:  Biology CP, Chemistry CP, Physics CP, Chemistry Honors, Physics AP, Geology Honors 
E.  Language Other Than English (LOTE): 2 required, 3 years recommended
AHS LOTE programs:   French 1 CP, French 2 CP, French 3 Honors, French 4 Honors.
         Spanish for Speakers 1 CP, Spanish for Speakers 2 CP, Spanish 4 AP (language), Spanish 5 AP (Literature)
         Spanish 1 CP, Spanish 2 CP, Spanish 3 Honors, Spanish 4 AP (language)
F.  Visual and Performing Arts (VPA):  1 year required
AHS VPA programs:  Beginning Band, Intermediate Band, Advanced Band, Percussion,
                                Theatre and Film 1, Theatre and Film 2, Theatre Tech, Theatre Production,
                                Treble Choir, Bass Choir, Mixed Choir, Advanced Choir,
                                Beginning Art, Intermediate Art, Advanced Art,
                                Architectural Design 1, Architectural Design 2, Floral Design,
                                Video Production 2, Publications
G.  College Preparatory Electives:  1 year required
(chosen from the subjects listed above or another course approved by the university)
AHS Courses: Earth Science CP, Integrated Science, AVID 11/12, Computer Applications 2, Economics, JROTC 1, JROTC 2, etc
A grade of ā€œCā€ or better is required in all A-G classes.
Earn a grade point average (GPA) of 3.0 or better in these courses with no grade lower than a C.
Additional SAT subject area tests may be needed for certain majors, UC campuses and private universities.
* Meet the examination requirement by taking the ACT or the new SAT by December of your senior year. You may need to take the additional writing assessment as well--check with the colleges you are applying to.